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Oh Bhalle Bhalle!!

Image courtesy of and Well, for those of you not of Indian origin, that heading must sound absolutely like nonsense! Well it is a well known Punjabi exclamation which can mean one of many things including ” hey … Continue reading

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So much for being a regular blogger! I am too busy reading everyone else’s blogs rather than updating my own. I thinks there is such an over run of blogs now especially fashion blogs and I am trying to find … Continue reading

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Work-life balance

Ah the inevitability! If you work and have children ,complaints about work life balance are a given, and now with 24 hour culture even those without children struggle to pack their social life in. Technology is supposed to make us … Continue reading

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The prodigal blogger returns!

Wow , what a slack blogger I have been, not posted for a long, long time. Unfortunately work and laziness took over! I returned back to work after maternity leave last September 2011 and since then found millions or reasons … Continue reading

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Would you like salad with your breastmilk?

Hi all, sorry for the tardiness in the posts, but those with children will know the time consuming nature of the task! Anyway today an amazing thing happened to me and I mean amazing in a ‘not very nice’ way. … Continue reading

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There is no such thing as “new parenting”

Last week I took my daughter to a soft play area as it was raining and wanted her to tire herself out- so she couldn’t ask me any more damn questions!! Anyway I encountered an exchange between a young daughter … Continue reading

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Life begins at 40

Over the weekend, we attended a friends 40th birthday barbecue. She hadn’t really wanted to celebrate it, as birthdays are not her thing, but after all of us hounded her for a party she gave in! I have never had … Continue reading

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Breast is best?

I have now been breastfeeding R for 3 and a half months and feel very proud about it. I breastfed my daughter (with one bottle of formula a day) till 6 months and intend to do the same for R … Continue reading

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Wardrobe malfunction

Hello everyone, I bet you all have been enjoying the unseasonably warm weather we have been having. It reached 35 degrees Celsius in my car yesterday!! And to top it all I was stuck in traffic in London for over … Continue reading

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“And all that jazz!”

Last weekend I attended my daughter’s first medal test for her ballet, where she had to perform a little number from Annie for which she had been practising for a few months. Now its safe to say I was a … Continue reading

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