Work-life balance

Ah the inevitability! If you work and have children ,complaints about work life balance are a given, and now with 24 hour culture even those without children struggle to pack their social life in. Technology is supposed to make us more efficient with our time, the 21st century was supposed to bring more leisure time. Well that never came about did it? People now even go on holidays and answer emails and cannot switch off-as demonstrated by me answering my emails whilst on holiday. The only time I don’t answer emails is if I go abroad and don’t have wifi, then switch off my data. Ah the bliss of not knowing whats going on at work! I only work part time, but seem to get sucked into answering emails, etc in the time I am not at work and can’t then switch my brain off. Smart phones have a lot to answer for!

How do we get away from this 24 hour culture and wind down adequately and give ourselves time to breathe, relax, read and do all the other fun things we know are out there? A ban on emails when on holiday is one, organising fun activities for yourself and your children is another. Theme parks are a great way to unwind and having been to Legoland and Thorpe park recently , the fun of thrills and spills certainly makes you forget about work. I also arranged pampering treats for myself including haircut, nails done, shopping alone(bliss!).  I also managed to read several books on my iPad which was good for my soul and my brain.

Now I know its difficult to find time out when we are rushing around, but surely when we have holidays we can claim a no work zone and try and enjoy our down time with kids, spouse, friends or family?

Here is a link to a brilliant TED talk about work life balance- try this website , its full of lots of thinkers, creative people, business people giving inspiring, persuasive, funny and mind-blowing talks.

I think being part time does enable more opportunities for being balanced, but it has taught me nothing is worth sacrificing the times with your children and those moments spent relaxing, unwinding and feeding my own mind.

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