Things that kids say!

My daughter A , has a really wicked sense of humour and my husband and I were thinking one day, wouldn’t it be great if we could jot down all the funny things she says so we can relive them in a few years time.  I proceeded to search the Apple app store, and lo and behold!!  “There’s an App for that!”

The app in question is Kids Quip.  Its a free app in which you can jot down all the funny quotes that your children say and relive them when they are teenagers or embarrass them at their wedding!

Her latest one was, when I asked her to get a nappy for her brother, followed by a nappy bag-“I’m not your slave you know!”  I wonder who she picked that up from?!

It got me thinking about how I document my children’s lives.When A was little, we didn’t have smart phones, so had to make do with digital cameras and videos and it was just that little bit more of an effort. Now with the iPhone and other smart phones, you can document every moment of your children’s lives and what they do and say . I am sure I will have a lot more videos and pictures of R  as a baby than of my daughter A, as I always have my phone to hand.

I also found some brilliant baby journal apps which I think is a great way of documenting your babies first year. However I did find a lot of the American apps concentrated on documenting the baby’s feeds, nappies and sleeps, which is way too boring a subject for me.

A few of the apps that I have downloaded to use include-

  1. Our Kids App– It is a very simple app that allows you to take photos with your iphone and write notes against it. Also if 3G/Wi-Fi enabled, it notes where the picture was taken. Great way of documenting outings, events and holidays.
  2. Infant diary– More traditional diary with information about your baby, for eg; height, weight etc and it automatically calculates the point on the centile growth chart for you. It  also has space to enter immunisation dates, feeding and changing routines and other events.
  3. Travel Diary– This is quite similar to Our Kids but related specifically to travel. I have taken pictures of all the family when on holiday or on the way to a destination and its great to be able to look back with A and relive our holiday moments.

Overall I would say using a smart phone has really helped me document our lives as a family and its amazing how interested children are at looking at pictures .(Though I strongly suspect my daughter A is vain as she seems to want to only look at her own pictures over and over again!)


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  1. A Bodhe says:

    I will definately download the app. Thanks for a great find. God bless technology. Look forward to reading your blog.

  2. Nimisha. says:

    I did refer to House to home and Livingetc..
    Looking forward to reading your blog.

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