Shopping ahoy!

Now anyone that knows me well will know how fond I am of shopping.Probably the understatement of the century! More appropriate would be ‘shopaholic’!
Never one to turn down a shopping opportunity, I accompanied a friend to my mecca- Bicester Outlet Village yesterday ,with kids in tow. Ah, the smell of leather, shoes and bags!  ( can you tell its my version of heaven-if I believed in it?)
Anyway , my idea of shopping fun isn’t necessarily having toddlers to ruin the experience, but lets say they had great fun trying on bags, shoes and would you believe it, fascinators! They looked hilarious with pink and orange little Prada handbags tucked under their armpits chanting, ” Can we have one please mummy?”.  Not at £350 you can’t madam! What monster am I creating?  However , as the cliche goes, ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’.
Amazingly , I didn’t buy a thing which is practically unheard of, but had great fun trying on bags and especially shoes(I have developed a soft spot for those rolled up ballerinas from Tod’s and Mulberry).
Also weirdly it allowed me to window shop and mentally add things to my list of what I need when I eventually eBay all my old stuff and hopefully make some money.
It has also started me thinking about spending in general, especially clothes spending. And how little thought I put into buying clothes I need rather than just want. I have decided to try and curb my spending habits and try to buy fewer things ,of better quality and things I really need that will last me many seasons,with the odd seasonal update. Don’t I just sound just like a fashion magazine?
However I am determined to make this work and now its out in the open , on the internet, I’ll have to stick to it.
For you fellow spendaholics out there, here are some books to get you started on the journey:
Love is not enough- a smart women’s guide to money


In the Red: The Diary of a Recovering Shopaholic

How to Give Up Shopping (or at Least Cut Down): The Journey Back to Conscious Spending

To Buy or Not to Buy: Why We Overshop and How to Stop

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7 Responses to Shopping ahoy!

  1. AMB says:

    I cleared out my wadrobe last month to get rid of clothes that I did not want. Some even had not been worn before and still had the tags attached. Anyway it now looks bare and the shopping outlets are now calling!!never learn.

    • sylvester says:

      Good work! Remember to write down what you need before you go to make sure you dont overspend.Good luck! Also try to resell the stuff you havent worn, you shoukd geta good price on ebay.

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