‘To Apple or not to Apple?’ that is the question

Hello everyone,  I may be coming late to this particular party but I must say after having bought the iPad 2 , my MacBook seems to be becoming more redundant .Especially since having the baby, the iPad is lighter and easier to use and so I end up touting it around and also use it during night feeds to  TV on the BBC i player or on Catch up TV for ipad. So for those who haven’t yet bought an iPad , I thought I would go through the pros and cons and compare it to another tablet. Now my husband is not always impressed with Apple products, and after buying the iPad and it being taken over by myself and my daughter, he decided to buy a Motorola Xoom. So I can safely compare the 2 devices.

I have to say Apple design is second to none and the company relies on this ,as once people buy one Apple product, the design grabs hold of you and you are hooked and continue to keep buying the products. In addition for technophobes like myself , the Apple products are remarkably simple to use. Have you ever seen any other devices with a small 6 inch card as a start up guide? Even I can set them up!  The other pro is that once you have bought an Apple product , all the other Apple devices work like a dream with syncing, etc so you end up buying everything Apple.

However the one major problem with Apple is the fact you cannot play anything that needs Adobe flash player, ie no website that needs flash can be displayed and you end up downloading an app for everything, and there are sites where no apps, exist so you cannot see them. Now some may consider this a worthy way to stop overspending(!!) but sometimes you just want to go onto a website and look at it as it is meant to be.

This is the major advantage of the Motorola Xoom and other tablets over Apple’s iPad as they can run Adobe Flash and looking at websites/videos is a lot easier . In addition you do not need iTunes and can download your music from your own computer without worrying about converting it to i tunes.

So in conclusion , if you are already a fan of Apple and own a MacBook, iPhone etc , then the iPad is probably worth it. If you don’t, you are better going for an alternative tablet and the Motorola Xoom is probably the best out at the moment.

So go forth people and get thee a tablet and all your woes will be solved!! (or just save your money and just surf the net on your laptop!!)




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