‘To Apple or not to Apple?’ that is the question

Hello everyone,  I may be coming late to this particular party but I must say after having bought the iPad 2 , my MacBook seems to be becoming more redundant .Especially since having the baby, the iPad is lighter and easier to use and so I end up touting it around and also use it during night feeds to  TV on the BBC i player or on Catch up TV for ipad. So for those who haven’t yet bought an iPad , I thought I would go through the pros and cons and compare it to another tablet. Now my husband is not always impressed with Apple products, and after buying the iPad and it being taken over by myself and my daughter, he decided to buy a Motorola Xoom. So I can safely compare the 2 devices.

I have to say Apple design is second to none and the company relies on this ,as once people buy one Apple product, the design grabs hold of you and you are hooked and continue to keep buying the products. In addition for technophobes like myself , the Apple products are remarkably simple to use. Have you ever seen any other devices with a small 6 inch card as a start up guide? Even I can set them up!  The other pro is that once you have bought an Apple product , all the other Apple devices work like a dream with syncing, etc so you end up buying everything Apple.

However the one major problem with Apple is the fact you cannot play anything that needs Adobe flash player, ie no website that needs flash can be displayed and you end up downloading an app for everything, and there are sites where no apps, exist so you cannot see them. Now some may consider this a worthy way to stop overspending(!!) but sometimes you just want to go onto a website and look at it as it is meant to be.

This is the major advantage of the Motorola Xoom and other tablets over Apple’s iPad as they can run Adobe Flash and looking at websites/videos is a lot easier . In addition you do not need iTunes and can download your music from your own computer without worrying about converting it to i tunes.

So in conclusion , if you are already a fan of Apple and own a MacBook, iPhone etc , then the iPad is probably worth it. If you don’t, you are better going for an alternative tablet and the Motorola Xoom is probably the best out at the moment.

So go forth people and get thee a tablet and all your woes will be solved!! (or just save your money and just surf the net on your laptop!!)




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Shopping ahoy!

Now anyone that knows me well will know how fond I am of shopping.Probably the understatement of the century! More appropriate would be ‘shopaholic’!
Never one to turn down a shopping opportunity, I accompanied a friend to my mecca- Bicester Outlet Village yesterday ,with kids in tow. Ah, the smell of leather, shoes and bags!  ( can you tell its my version of heaven-if I believed in it?)
Anyway , my idea of shopping fun isn’t necessarily having toddlers to ruin the experience, but lets say they had great fun trying on bags, shoes and would you believe it, fascinators! They looked hilarious with pink and orange little Prada handbags tucked under their armpits chanting, ” Can we have one please mummy?”.  Not at £350 you can’t madam! What monster am I creating?  However , as the cliche goes, ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’.
Amazingly , I didn’t buy a thing which is practically unheard of, but had great fun trying on bags and especially shoes(I have developed a soft spot for those rolled up ballerinas from Tod’s and Mulberry).
Also weirdly it allowed me to window shop and mentally add things to my list of what I need when I eventually eBay all my old stuff and hopefully make some money.
It has also started me thinking about spending in general, especially clothes spending. And how little thought I put into buying clothes I need rather than just want. I have decided to try and curb my spending habits and try to buy fewer things ,of better quality and things I really need that will last me many seasons,with the odd seasonal update. Don’t I just sound just like a fashion magazine?
However I am determined to make this work and now its out in the open , on the internet, I’ll have to stick to it.
For you fellow spendaholics out there, here are some books to get you started on the journey:
Love is not enough- a smart women’s guide to money


In the Red: The Diary of a Recovering Shopaholic

How to Give Up Shopping (or at Least Cut Down): The Journey Back to Conscious Spending

To Buy or Not to Buy: Why We Overshop and How to Stop

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Things that kids say!

My daughter A , has a really wicked sense of humour and my husband and I were thinking one day, wouldn’t it be great if we could jot down all the funny things she says so we can relive them in a few years time.  I proceeded to search the Apple app store, and lo and behold!!  “There’s an App for that!”

The app in question is Kids Quip.  Its a free app in which you can jot down all the funny quotes that your children say and relive them when they are teenagers or embarrass them at their wedding!

Her latest one was, when I asked her to get a nappy for her brother, followed by a nappy bag-“I’m not your slave you know!”  I wonder who she picked that up from?!

It got me thinking about how I document my children’s lives.When A was little, we didn’t have smart phones, so had to make do with digital cameras and videos and it was just that little bit more of an effort. Now with the iPhone and other smart phones, you can document every moment of your children’s lives and what they do and say . I am sure I will have a lot more videos and pictures of R  as a baby than of my daughter A, as I always have my phone to hand.

I also found some brilliant baby journal apps which I think is a great way of documenting your babies first year. However I did find a lot of the American apps concentrated on documenting the baby’s feeds, nappies and sleeps, which is way too boring a subject for me.

A few of the apps that I have downloaded to use include-

  1. Our Kids App– It is a very simple app that allows you to take photos with your iphone and write notes against it. Also if 3G/Wi-Fi enabled, it notes where the picture was taken. Great way of documenting outings, events and holidays.
  2. Infant diary– More traditional diary with information about your baby, for eg; height, weight etc and it automatically calculates the point on the centile growth chart for you. It  also has space to enter immunisation dates, feeding and changing routines and other events.
  3. Travel Diary– This is quite similar to Our Kids but related specifically to travel. I have taken pictures of all the family when on holiday or on the way to a destination and its great to be able to look back with A and relive our holiday moments.

Overall I would say using a smart phone has really helped me document our lives as a family and its amazing how interested children are at looking at pictures .(Though I strongly suspect my daughter A is vain as she seems to want to only look at her own pictures over and over again!)


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Malevolent Measles


I am currently on maternity leave with my 3 month old boy, R, and as he is my second child am finding it so much better and relaxed than with my first daughter A.

I will be taking him to the local doctor’s surgery on Monday for 2-month immunisations.

I haven’t the heart to tell his innocent smiling face that soon a nurse in her uniform will come to him and jab him in his thighs with very sharp needles! Poor trusting R!

This got me thinking about immunisations in general. We recently had to cancel a family holiday in France, which we had really been looking forward to, due to the increased incidence of measles there. Apparently they have had nearly 5,000 cases from January-March 2011 alone, almost the same as in the whole of 2010.Measles in France

There was no way I wanted to risk taking my little boy there to expose him to that risk.

I am very pro-immunizations and though I understand the plight of some parents regarding the MMR vaccine, I still think it is one of the safest vaccines around and lots of studies in Scandinavia and USA, where it has been used for longer have proved this. I also think here in the Western hemisphere, we have forgotten the perils and severity of these diseases as they were almost eliminated for so long. Children die from measles, which is a fact not often remembered. Also those of us who wish their children to have immunisations rely on “herd immunity”. This means if the older children haven’t had their vaccines, and contract measles they pass it on to the babies. The parents of the babies have no choice as its not recommended having the mmr before a year.

I recommend any parent thinking about not giving vaccines should spend some time in a third world country and see how some diseases like polio are still rife and ruin children’s lives. We need to remember the remarkable improvement made by vaccines for all first world countries.

There-I’m off my high horse now! I will be taking my child to the doctors on Monday knowing that he can be as protected as is possible and hopefully poor R will forgive me when I give him a big cuddle!


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